31 of March 2020

Survey to assess the needs of the renewable energy sector in Angola to support the creation of ASAER

Recently, the Angolan Renewable Energy Association (ASAER) was created, a non-profit association with the mission of promoting renewable energy in Angola.


ASAER has been promoted by an installation committee made up of a group of companies that have been working for the establishment of the Association, namely Anglobal, Greentech, LTP Energias, RESUL Angola and SADC Solar Energy. The commitee receives legal support from Fátima Freitas Associados - Miranda Alliance and administrative support from ALER with funding from GET.invest, an European program supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria.


ASAER already received a Certificate of Admissibility issued by the Ministry of Justice, in January 2020, which was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Angola of March 5, 2020 (III series, nº42), pending the final registration with the Ministry of Justice.

In this sense, ASAER now invites all interested parties in the sector to participate in this survey until 15th of April in order to contribute for the definition of the objectives and activities that should guide the Association in this initial phase.


All contributions will be taken into account and presented in a public consultation, with a date to be defined and on which we will disclose more information as soon as possible.


For any questions about ASAER or filling out this questionnaire, please contact the ASAER installation committee by email inquerito@asaer.co.ao.


We appreciate your availability and collaboration!