26 of July 2017

Survey to assess the needs of the renewable energy sector in Mozambique to support the creation of AMER

ALER invites all stakeholders to participate in this survey and to contribute to the creation of AMER - Mozambique Renewable Energy Association.

Access AMER’s survey here.

The installation committee of AMER is made up of a group of people who have been working, with the support of ALER - Lusophone Renewable Energy Association and RECP - Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme, for the establishment of a national renewable energy association.

The Association, that is proposed to be called AMER - Mozambique Renewable Energy Association, will be a non-profit association whose mission is the promotion of renewable energies in Mozambique. To know more, please visit www.amer.org.mz

We would very much appreciate your opinion on the pertinence and objectives that should guide AMER in this initial phase, so that we can take it into account in the Association's constituent documents.

To date, the installation committee of AMER has already prepared a proposal for the statutes, available online for consultation at link https://tinyurl.com/yculjjo2 (portuguese only).


As a next step the committee will prepare a proposal for AMER's annual activity plan and budget. Because this is intended to be a collaborative and inclusive process, and to make sure AMER will be useful to all stakeholders and will add value, we would like the priorities and activities of AMER to be defined jointly by all stakeholders.

Therefore, we kindly ask your cooperation by answering to the following survey so that we can take into account your opinion about AMER and what role you think the Association should have in order to be useful to you.

After compiling all the contributions we will prepare the constituent documents of AMER and organize a public consultation event, for which you are already invited. We will send you more information about the date, time, and program for this meeting as soon as possible.

For any questions regarding AMER or how to complete this survey please contact AMER's installation committee at contact@amer.org.mz

Thank you for your time and collaboration!