2 of October 2017

Public consultation for the creation of the Mozambique Renewable Energy Association - AMER, and invitation to founding members

ALER, with the support of RECP, is supporting the creation of the Mozambique Renewable Energy Association - AMER.

On September 29, the public consultation for the creation of AMER was held in Maputo. It was attended by 57 people, from representatives of companies, universities, NGOs and development cooperation agencies, to individuals and students interested in this issue.

During the meeting, a framework and presentation of the work already carried out by the installation committee of AMER were presented, along with the results of the needs assessment of the renewable energy sector in Mozambique, the proposal for the by-laws and internal rules of AMER and the proposal of AMER's Action Plan and budget. Finally, AMER's installation committee invited all interested parties to become founding members and explained the next steps for the creation of AMER during the month of October so that it could be officially presented at the end of the conference organized by ALER on 25 and 26 of October.

You can download here the presentations made during the event.

Throughout the public consultation, there was a very constructive debate, with participation from everyone present, who were very enthusiastic about the idea and who expressed their interest and willingness to join "our own" Association.

After a successful public consultation, the installation committee of AMER, thanks all participants and invites all interested parties to register as founding members of AMER.

Any individual or collective entity having an interest in AMER and its objectives, whether or not they have participated in the public consultation, may become a founding member. The process is the following:


  1. All the individual persons interested in becoming a Founding Member of AMER need to bring a copy of their BI together with an updated criminal record;
  2. All companies or other collective entities  interested in becoming a Founding Member of AMER need to bring the documents mentioned in page 49 of the presentation of the public consultation;
  3. All interested parties, whether individuals or collective entities, must deliver and sign all necessary documents at Guilherme Daniel's offices, in Torres Rani, Av. Tenente Osvaldo Tazama, Marginal, Torre 1, Piso 02, Fracção Maputo, 

The deadline to send all necessary documents is October 9, 2017 at 4pm. For more information, please contact the installation committee by email at contact@amer.org.mz

The Constitutional Assembly General is planned for October 23, 2017 in order to elect the Governing Bodies of AMER. All those who wish to take part in the Governing Bodies of the association, please present your application before October 15, 2017 to the installation committee.

AMER will be officially launched during the international conference on renewable energies on 25 and 26 October, organized by ALER, with the support from RECP.

More information about the conference available here. We invite all interested parties to register for the conference here.