21 of December 2020

The regulatory framework as the foundation for a more attractive investment environment

Renewable energies represent an important stake for the achievement of the objective pursued by the Government of Mozambique of universal access to energy by all Mozambicans by 2030, an objective that simultaneously corresponds to the country's commitment under the United Nations Sustainable Energy for All initiative, SE4ALL, of which Mozambique is a subscriber.

A combination of favourable and particular factors in the Mozambican energy context, sustain and highlight the focus on energies, deserving mention, namely the high potential in renewable energies, duly identified and quantified in the Atlas of Renewable Energies, technological advances widening the opportunities for exploitation of these types of energy sources, their contribution to the response to climate challenges, as clean energies, the capacity for greater dispersed penetration, and, consequently, to allow the adequate satisfaction of differentiated energy consumption needs, the relatively short period for its implementation and, consequently, the shorter remuneration for investments, just to name a few.

Aiming at transposing the aforementioned factors into benefits in increasing the availability of energy, the country has been improving the regulatory framework, as a foundation for creating a more attractive investment environment including for private capital, such as the Auction Program for PROLER Renewable Energies, currently underway, which aims at competitiveness and greater efficiency in making investments with gains for the economy.

For this reason, we recognize the partners who have been contributing in various ways. ALER is undoubtedly one of the relevant partners, particularly in establishing links between different actors as well as disseminating relevant information on investment opportunities.

After the current tender for 30MW solar in Dondo, for the next tenders for the Manje solar plants in Tete, Lichinga in Niassa as well as for the wind farm in Inhambane, we hope to continue to count on the significant participation of private entities, support from partners, among the which ALER and AMER, as important vehicles in the promotion of renewable energies.

Paulo da Graça,

Chairman of the Board of Directors of ARENE