The World Energy Council met in Addis Ababa
2 of November 2015
The World Energy Council met in Addis Ababa

After the World Energy Council’s meetings during its Executive Assembly in Addis Ababa, the organization decided that key actions are required to enable the energy sector to deliver a sustainable energy system.

The World Energy Council, representing over 3000 organisations from governments, private and state companies, academia, NGOs and energy-related stakeholders, is calling for a clear pathway from Paris that will end the growing uncertainty that has cast a shadow over the energy sector for many decades. The energy community urgently needs:

  •  A clear carbon pricing scheme in line with the global objectives that will allow all to make efficient economic decisions;
  • Predictable policy and balanced regulatory frameworks;
  • Crucial action at regional and national level.

The global energy community will gather at the World Energy Congress in Istanbul in 2016. The World Energy Council calls on the Parties in Paris to agree on a clear, unambiguous and equitable climate framework and carbon pricing scheme to enable the energy sector to deliver the needed energy transition for the greatest benefit of all.

Download World Energy Council Official messages to the Conference of the Parties Paris 2015 here.