28 of June 2018

Toolbox on Solar Powered Irrigation System (SPIS) Launched

Energypedia, partner of ALER, launched this month the Solar Powered Irrigation System (SPIS) Toolbox. This Toolbox was developed by the GIZ in collaboration with the FAO, under the global initiative Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge for Development (PAEGC).


The Toolbox enables practitioners in the field of solar irrigation to provide hands-on guidance to end users, policy makers and financers. It consists of informative modules, which are complemented by user-friendly tools (calculations sheets, checklists, guidelines).


The modules and tools address issues such as: assessing the water requirements, design and maintenance of a SPIS, financial viability of SPIS, and many more.


The Toolbox is continuously refined and expanded. For suggestions, queries or contributions please contact the Powering Agriculture team at Powering.Agriculture@giz.de.


More information available here.

Source and Image © Energypedia