30 of September 2019

Trade Mission to Cape Verde

Under the Energy Cooperation Protocol between the Ministry of Economy and Employment of the Portuguese Republic and the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Energy of the Republic of Cape Verde, a mission to Cape Verde will be held, organized by DGEG - Directorate General of Energy and Geology in 14-17 of October 2019, to Cidade da Praia, Ilha de Santiago.


The two ministries signed this Cooperation Protocol, motivated by the political will to exploit the opportunities and deepen exchanges in the energy sector and taking into account the common interest in the development of economic relations between the two States, taking into account the mutual benefits that can be enhanced by the bilateral investment. The Protocol aims to promote the development and implementation of institutional, technical, economic and business cooperation between the two countries in the energy sector.


Cape Verde as a very ambitious politic in terms of renewable energy and for several years that has consistently made progress in this area. Since the first wind power PPP (public private partnership) of sub-Saharan Africa, to implementation of the first renewable mini-grids (both projects developed by ALER Members, Cabeólica and APP) and more recently, the launch of tenders to assign 5 MW of PV power on Ilha da Boavista and 10 MW of wind power on Ilha de Santiago, and the signing of the contract for a 10 MW PV plant on Calheta, Ilha de Santiago


DGEG requested ALER collaboration in this mission, enabling the participation of our members, since it’s an initiative not open to public.


ALER will be represented by Pedro Martins, a member of the Board. In addition to several meetings with the key actors of the sector in Cape Verde and a technical visit to CERMI - Center for Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance of Cabo Verde, the programme provides a Seminar organisation, where ALER members can be speakers. There is also the possibility of scheduling bilateral meetings with cape Verdean entities, organized by AICEP.



If you want to participate in this mission please contact geral@aler-renovaveis.org until 5 of October.


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