28 of June 2016

UK supports renewable energy in Mozambique

The UK's Department for International Development (DFID) has been very active in the promotion of renewable energies, namely off-grid, by developing a new energy programme , which aims to leverage a market-based approach enabling the private sector to supply off-grid renewable energy products and services.


As ALER already noticed here, in February 2016 Nicholas Hurd, British Minister of International Development, and Pedro Couto, the Mozambican Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, signed a partnership agreement as part of the British government’s “Energy Africa” initiative. The two governments will work together on the drafting of a Compact setting out the necessary policies to promote the off-grid solar private sector. The business case defining the scope of the British intervention has been drawn up and should be approved soon.


Moreover, DFID is also supporting several market studies to promote Improved Cook Stoves (ICS), Solar Home Systems (SHS), and isolated mini grids, namely:

  1. Tax exemption study, exploring options to reduce import costs and taxes on ICS and SHS equipment and analysing the impact of several incentive alternatives to be submitted to the Government;
  2. MKopa market appraisal study on the sale of their SHSs with automatic mobile payment in Mozambique;
  3. FUNAE restructuring study to identify the role of FUNAE in the promotion of SHS and a broader study concerning the Fund’s vision and general strategy.

Results of all these activities should be out soon and ALER will  follow them closely.


For more detailed information on these and other activities for the promotion of renewable energy in Mozambique check ALER's national status report.