20 of March 2015
Latest publications

While we wait for READ Renewables database to be launched, we provide you a list of the latest publications issued by the main international entities regarding ALER's scope.


In the future, it will be posible to search throughout all significant publications organised according to its geographical scope, subject, energy sources, type of document, date of publication and language. Click here to learn more about READ Renewables and support this initiative.


Africa Energy Outlook

AIE | Oct 2014

At the end of 2014, IEA – International Energy Agency has published Africa Energy Outlook. Besides being a free publication, which is unusual for IEA, the news is that the executive summary is written in Portuguese, thus showing the growing importance of Portuguese-speaking countries within international energy context. Please click here to see the report.


The Mini-Grid Policy Toolkit

EUEI PDF, REN21, ARE | Set 2014


EUEI PDF - EU Energy Initiative – Partnership Dialogue Facility is the entity that supports strategic dialogue Africa-EU Energy Partnership (AEEP) and operates as a implementation secretariat of RECP - Renewable Energy Cooperation Program. RECP has joined REN21 - Renewable Energy Network for the 21st century and ARE - Alliance for Rural Electrification to publish this mini-grid report. This is the first publication from this entity and we hope it is quite active promoting cooperation between European and African entities in the renewable energy sector. Please click here to see more information.



Off-Grid Renewable Energy Systems: status and methodological issues


IRENA | Feb 2015



IRENA - International Renewable Energy Agency has been increasing its publication’s flow. The latest important publication was a working paper providing an overview of current data sources for off-grid renewable energy systems. It suggests methodological improvements to help categorise such systems, evaluate and aggregate data and measure progress in deployment. Please click here to see the report and other publications from IRENA.


The design and sustainability of Renewable Energy Incentives: An Economic Analysis

World Bank | 2015


In an attempt to contribute to the lively debate, this study provides a global taxonomy of the economic and financial incentives provided by renewable energy (RE) support schemes. It summarizes economic models of the sustainability and affordability of such support schemes, alongside operational advice on how the regulatory design may need to be modified to minimize the impact on the budget and be affordable to the poor, as well as how to identify and fill the financing gap. You can download the report here.