29 of September 2021

UN calls for an end to energy poverty and limiting climate change

According to the UN leader, 760 million people do not have access to electricity.


The Secretary-General recalled that the way the resource is produced and used is the main cause of the climate crisis and, he also said that energy resources account for 75% of total greenhouse gas emissions.


Among the priorities for the theme are: reducing differences in access to energy, decarbonising energy systems, mobilising funding and promoting technology transfer and ensuring that "no one is forgotten in the race for a future without emissions".


The UN Chief advocates the immediate start of energy change, which is part of the Sustainable Development Goals (Sdgs), and warns that another four decades cannot be expected.


At the event, General Assembly President Abdullah Shahid also highlighted the importance of the energy sector for the recovery of the pandemic and to support efforts to halt climate change.


In his speech, Shahid reinforced the number of people without access to energy and called for investment in renewable energy to continue to grow.


Source © UN.org