18 of March 2016

UN Foundation's investment portal

The new portal showcases a $1 billion opportunity to invest in energy access.

As a follow up to the announcement of the publication of the United Nations Foundation's Energy Access Practitioner Network "Investing in Energy Access: 2015 Directory of Funding and Investment Opportunities", the accompanying online Investment Portal is also available via www.energyaccess.org.

The directory and portal showcase individual and aggregated financing needs of some 210 Practitioner Network members operating at the forefront of the global off-grid energy sector, profiling a combined investment opportunity of over $1 billion needed to catalyze energy access in support of the Sustainable Energy for All goal of achieving universal access to modern energy services by 2030. Additionally, a special section profiling financing needs for mini-/micro-grid companies is also included.

Investors and other interested parties can make use of the online investment portal to filter the deals represented by participating members according to their investment criteria, as well as have access to a first order introduction to organizations of interest. The portal will be opened up for updates and new submissions regularly moving forward in order to capture real-time data on the evolving and growing investment needs in the energy access sector.