3 of October 2022

UNIDO announces two vacancies for Climate and Energy sectors in São Tomé and Príncipe

UNIDO in partnership with the General Directorate for Natural Resources and Energy (DGRNE) of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Natural Resources (MIRN, former MOPIRNA) and the National Designated Authority (NDA) at the Ministry of Planning, Finance and Blue Economy (MPFEA) are implementing the GCF readiness project “Building institutional capacity for a renewable energy and energy efficiency investment programme for São Tomé and Principe”. 


The project is being implemented in close coordination with the ongoing UNIDO GEF project “Strategic program to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency investments in the electricity sector of São Tomé and Príncipe”.


For the development of this project, UNIDO released two job offers for the position of “National Young Climate Professional” (NYCP) and for the position of “National Young Energy Professional” (NYEP).


The NYEP and the NYCP will support the execution of key technical, administrative, and policy functions of the GCF/GEF projects. S/he will support the effective implementation of assigned project activities in line with established work plans, participate in key technical meetings, organize training and capacity-building events, and most importantly support the identification and development of new project concepts as outlined in the table below.  The expert will also support the preparation of the joint GEF/GCF Project Steering Committee meetings.


Additional information regarding the "National Young Climate Professional" available here, and regarding the "National Young Energy Professional" available here.


Further information on the GCF and GEF projects are available at: https://open.unido.org/projects/ST/projects/200158 and https://open.unido.org/projects/ST/projects/150124