25 of February 2022

University of Benguela establishes partnership with MCA Group

The Katyla Bwila University of Benguela (UKB) stablished, on the February 16th, a partnership with the MCA Group, ALER’s member.


This partnership aims to provide the opportunity for recent graduates, from this university, to start their careers. The young engineers will be recruited for a program linked to the Solar project that the MCA Group is developing.


“Universidade Katyavala Bwila of Benguela (UKB) and MCA Group signed a partnership that allows graduate engineers from this education institute to start their professional path, benefiting from the monitoring and guidance by professionals with vast experience in the market, integrating equipment multidisciplinary teams for the development of solar PV projects”, can be read in a statement sent to the journal VerAngola.


The partnership will have one year duration and will allow “the professional integration of young graduates, for a six months period, during which the interns will have the opportunity to acquire knowledge in specific areas with reference to solar energy and photovoltaic parks”, from which they will receive essential working tools and methodologies for their professional”.


In addition, as quoted by VerAngola, “regular visits are planned by students who attend that institution and who wish to learn more about these structures and their architecture, creation and cutting-edge technology”.


Source: Adapted from VerAngola.