29 of June 2021

Updated Mozambique Route-to-Market Geospatial Tool for Off-Grid Energy Service Providers

The USAID Southern Africa Energy Program (SAEP), a Power Africa initiative, is releasing an updated “Route-to-Market (RTM) Database and Supporting Documentation” as part of its efforts to support the off-grid sector in Mozambique to scale up and increase electricity access in the country.


This Version 6 of the RTM geospatial tool brings together geospatial data and techniques to map population density, electrification and road infrastructure data. Focuses on an update to healthcare facilities within the District data. The updated healthcare data almost doubles the number of healthcare locations that were shown in previous versions. The addition of the updated healthcare data in this iteration of the tool further supports the identification of high potential regions/areas for future expansion.


USAID support to off-grid energy service providers in Mozambique includes:

  • Operational support, which includes RTM strategy support, research and analysis and business efficiency improvements available on request.
  • Access to the RTM database, an easy-to-use Excel dataset as well as Google Earth file for georeferencing.


The goal of USAID SAEP’s support to the Mozambique off-grid sector is to enable SHS companies to accelerate their growth and to improve their operations, and thereby help to raise Mozambique’s electricity access rate.


Read more about this tool here.


Source and Image © USAID