10 of October 2022

'We want to continue to grow together in 2023 and until the end of this term.'

2022 has been the most dynamic year ever for ALER. After years guided by the limitations caused by covid-19, ALER returned to pre-pandemic activity levels and increased its performance. Therefore, between January and July 2022:


• We organized 9 events, from conferences, trade missions, webinars and entrepreneurship workshops;


• We were actively present in 4 countries: Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique and São Tomé e Príncipe;


• We wrote 7 reference publications, 1 Angola national report and 6 case studies covering projects from São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau;


• We participated, in partnership with AMER, in 2 public consultations for the publication of key legislation in the energy sector in Mozambique;


• We prepared 1 legal analysis, with the main critical points of Mozambique's new off-grid energy access regulation and summarizing a roadmap for project development;


• We empowered and trained 12 women, which resulted in the development of 12 business ideas whose funding we want to secure with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign;


• We supported or continued to support 4 National Associations, namely 2 from São Tomé, whose representatives we received at the beginning of the year for training, and the Angolan and Mozambican Associations, with which we organized many activities in partnership;


• We managed and implemented 2 financing contracts, one with GET.invest and the other with UNIDO, which we would like to take the opportunity to thank for all their trust.


In addition, by the end of the year, we expect to be involved in the organization of 3 additional events in Mozambique alone, namely:


1.  Renewable Energy for Industry and Agriculture in Mozambique: November 17th;

2.  Regional Conference on the Regulatory Framework for Access to Energy in Off-Grid Areas –November 21st 24th;

4. Business Conference - Renewables in Mozambique 2022: December 6th and 7th;

5. Exclusive networking event between DFIs and Mozambican banks – December 8th;

6. Presentation of the Portuguese version of the Africa Energy Outlook – December 12th.


This dynamic opened the horizon to explore new areas of activity for ALER, at the same time as we reinforced the activities for which we are already known, positioning ourselves as an active and relevant player in the debate on the energy sector in the Portuguese-speaking countries, a networking facilitator to national/regional/international level and a source of privileged and up-to-date information, developing renewable energies growth in these countries.


In May of this year, a new Board assumed the responsibility of leading the next 4 years of the Association and supporting the growth of ALER in a critical phase of transition. I invite you to get to know ALER's new Board of Directors, which I have the honour to preside over, made up of more elements covering ALER's various target markets.


We are open to involving partners and establishing new collaborations, so I challenge everyone to contribute to our Strategic Plan 2023-2026 and share your suggestions on how to promote renewable energy in Portuguese-speaking African Countries.


We want to continue to grow together in 2023 and until the end of this mandate, with the aim of adding more value to our Associates and the markets we monitor, as well as promoting greater dynamics among Portuguese-speaking countries in terms of energy, renewable sources and a fair and inclusive energy transition.