11 of March 2016

Why “inefficiency” is needed in energy financing for Africa

One of the most important findings noted at the Africa launch of the World Bank's Progress Toward Sustainable Energy: Global Tracking Framework 2015 (GTF) report for the Sustainable Energy for All initiative, is that despite recent trends to increase investment in the energy sector, we still need to double the number of new connections to modern energy services per year to reach universal access to energy by 2030.

Universalizing access to clean, modern energy services is at the heart of our ability to deliver on the new globally agreed sustainable development goals and climate agreements. Knowing this, the panel of experts discussing the findings of the report at the Africa Energy Indaba was asked a key question by Anita Marangoly George, Senior Director of the Bank's Energy and Extractives Global Practice - did we think achieving the universal access goal was possible in just a decade and a half?

The answer from every panelist was - yes, achieving universal access by 2030 will be possible, but not by relying only on the 20th century method of expanding traditional electricity grids.

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Aaron Leopold

Global Energy Representative, Practical Action

Deputy Director, Power for All