30 of October 2020

Women in energy sector face funding and accelerators scarcity

Last October 12th ESI Africa organised a webinar on “Financing for women-led business in the energy sector”. This webinar is under the Women in Energy series that invite thought leaders who are working tirelessly to ease energy poverty, inspire women entrepreneurs, and have ambition and drive to succeed in their career.  The second webinar had the objective to discuss:

  • Where and how to find funding;
  • Identifying key challenges holding women back from accessing funding;
  • The worth of networking to overcome financing hurdles.


After the webinar the consensus reached was that while there is funding available that is aimed specifically at women-led businesses, not enough is done to publicise their efforts or how to access them.


A poll run on Twitter before the webinar corresponded with audience and speaker responses, split down the middle. The question was ‘do you know of funds specifically aimed at women-owned business?’ The 50/50 answer highlighted much can still be done to tell potential business people what is available.


Read more about the conclusions of the webinar here. Recording of the event is available here.


The next webinar will be held on 23rd November at 1p.m. (GMT) under the theme “Women in Leadership: Taking your career in energy to the next level”. Read more and register here.


Source and Image © ESI Africa