Greenlight Africa

GreenLight Africa is a regional company with a base in Mozambique which has been developing projects and consulting since 2010 in two specific areas, namely: Energy and Environment.


In the Energy Sector, GreenLight focuses on off-grid and on-grid Solar, Wind, Hydro and Biofuels projects. We have experience in Residential and Industrial Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Charcoal Production and Improved and Efficient Cook-Stoves. We provide technical support to a mix of stakeholders including private sector, government, development organizations and funding institutions. The scope of projects includes the development of feasibility studies; business models; monitoring and evaluations, fund management, market research; baseline studies; management of pilot projects; policy analysis and capacity building initiatives directed at state agencies and ministries.


In the Environmental Sector, GreenLight offers services in the field of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Environmental Audits, Resettlement and Communication Plans, Monitoring of Environmental Parameters, ESGs, Adaptation and mitigation of Climate Change, Climate Financing, Monitoring and Evaluation, as well as Feasibility Studies of Projects and Investments.


Services are specifically tailored by the multidisciplinary team to meet the specific needs of clients as well as the local conditions to where the projects are implemented.

Responsible Contact
Boris Atanassov
Países de Actuação
  • Angola
  • Cape Verde
  • Mozambique
  • Empresa Privada
Segmento de Mercado
  • Produtor Independente de Energia (IPP)
  • Sistemas Solares Caseiros (SHS)
  • Outros sistemas solares isolados (exceto SHS)
  • Commercial & industrial self-consumption/ Captive power
  • Residential self-consumption/ Micro-generation
  • Mini-grids
  • Carbon Market
  • Productive energy uses
  • Consultoria ambiental
  • Legal consulting
  • Financial Consulting
  • Tariff consultancy
  • Electrification Planning/Strategies
  • Mapping and/or Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Assessment and monitoring of resources and/or renewable energy production
  • Project Developer
  • Training
  • Research