Miquelina Menezes

Miquelina Menezes was President of FUNAE, the Energy Fund of Mozambique responsible for off-grid rural electrification projects, between 1998 and end of 2015.

Before working at FUNAE, Miquelina was responsible by the VAT project with IMF at the Finance Ministry.

Most of her professional career was in the energy sector. She served as Deputy Director General of the National Hydrocarbon Company between 1986 and 1998 and before that she worked at the Mining Development Company, at the Mineral Resources Ministry, at the State Secretariat for Coal and Hydrocarbons and at the National Coal Company.

Since 1992 she has been a teacher of management at Eduardo Mondlane University – Faculty of Economy.

She is currently President of ALER – the Lusophone Renewable Energy Association.

Países de Actuação
  • Mozambique