About Us


Through LERenováveis, the Lusophone Renewable Energy Association - ALER, aims to provide a public service of disseminating information and improving knowledge about the renewable energy sector in the countries where it operates.


ALER wishes to simplify the access to these publications, not just those dispersed in various international renowned entities in the renewable energy sector, but also give more visibility to the work of other institutions that is little known. This way, the user can quickly find a specific publication that he has heard of but does not know where it is, or find one publication he did not know existed but that suits his interests.


Other objective of LERenováveis is to improve the quality of new publications, under the expectation that a broader access to information already available will stimulate added value in future documents.


LERenováveis database was developed thinking in a vast universe of users with different levels of knowledge about renewable energy.


This database will be useful for:

  1. The general public;

  2. Students and researchers;

  3. Journalists;

  4. Businessmen;

  5. Analysts;

  6. Legislators and policy makers. 


Besides serving information consumers, LERenováveis also intends to serve the community that produces the information, ensuring its fastest and more comprehensive disclosure.


To provide the service described, a preliminary work of identification, collection and classification of publications available online was conducted.


Users can thus easily search the database using filters for geographical scope, theme, energy sources, document type, publication date and language. It will also be possible to conduct a free search by keywords.


To ensure that the database is always up to date and that the disclosure of new documents will be made as soon as possible, there is also the possibility for users themselves submit documents. ALER will be responsible for approving the submitted publications to ensure the quality of the database content.


LERenováveis was set up in a logic of collaborative participation, in which the whole community can contribute to its growth and quality.


Depending on the support received, ALER wishes to continuously improve LERenováveis so it can be increasingly useful.


Among the future plans is the possibility of further supporting the academic community, for example by granting scholarships and listing courses and training opportunities available in the area of renewable energy.


In addition, there is also the intention to extend the scope of action of the dabase, including legislation for renewable energy and replicating the database to other countries.