Market Sheets
Market Sheets

These market sheets aim to provide a brief overview of the renewable energy sector in the PALOP countries and list the main existing or planned programs and projects. They work as a summary of ALER's reports and priviledged information, highlighting only the most relevant data, whenever possible with links to access documents and additional information, which makes them more useful and easier to consult. All written information can be complemented by more detailed and personalized data to be made available by the ALER team. 

In this way, our Members have access to the latest information from the PALOP markets in a simple, quick and easy way.

In May 2020 the first Market Sheets relative to Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau and São Tomé and Príncipe markets were published. The Market Sheet of Mozambique was published in November and the one for Angola will be published soon. They will be periodically updated to ensure access to the most recent data.

To serve as an example and to allow potential interested parties to understand the type of information provided, the Cape Verde Market Sheet is available here for free download to the general public.


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