30 of June 2023

Águas de Ponta Preta wins tender for the development of two solar PV power plants and concession of charging stations for electric vehicles in Cape Verde

In June, ALER's member Águas de Ponta Preta (APP) won three projects that widely contribute to the development of renewable energies in Cape Verde.


Development of two solar PV power plants

A consortium comprising the companies Impulso Solar, Elmya and APP won the tenders for the development of a 5MW solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant on the island of São Vicente and a 5MW solar PV power plant on the Sal island.


According to the results announced by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy (MICE), through its National Directorate for Industry, Commerce and Energy (DNICE), it was possible to obtain record results at a national level with the indication of highly competitive electricity sales tariffs (CVE/kWh), both for São Vicente and Sal, surpassing the most optimistic expectations. The reference tariff for these two tenders was 6.80 CVE/kWh.


Public charging stations for electric vehicles

At the same time, the Government of Cape Verde and Tracções Eléctricas, a company that belongs to APP, signed a concession contract for the installation, operation and management of 40 public charging stations for electric vehicles, within the scope of the Project for the Promotion of Electric Mobility in Cape Verde (ProMEC).


Cape Verde will thus have the first public charging stations for electric vehicles, available in the second half of this year. The installation of these recharging infrastructures will be gradually implemented in all the islands.


According to the project, 13 charging stations will be installed in Santiago, ten in São Vicente, eight in Sal, three in Boa Vista, two in Santo Antão and one each in São Nicolau, Maio, Fogo and Brava.


For the Minister for Industry, Commerce and Energy, Alexandre Monteiro, the signing of this contract represents an important milestone in the implementation of the electric mobility plan in Cape Verde. Alexandre Monteiro said that the Government is committed to gradually promote a favourable ecosystem for the transition of electric mobility in the country and that the implementation of the recharging infrastructure in all the islands is a strategic measure to promote confidence and provide reliable and competitive alternatives to consumers.


"We are building a favourable environment where electric vehicles are progressively seen as a reliable, sustainable and practical option for the Cape Verdean population," stressed the Minister Alexandre Monteiro.


Public investment for the project is estimated at around 30,000 million escudos and is funded by the Mitigation Action Facility, with technical assistance from the German Agency for International Cooperation, GIZ.


The Government has implemented tax and customs incentives through successive State Budget Laws, measures that aim to facilitate the acquisition of electric vehicles, making them more accessible to consumers. Also, within the scope of ProMEC there are specific financial incentives for the acquisition of conventional and commercial electric vehicles such as taxis, minibuses and buses.


Source: Cape Verde Government  & Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy