20 of May 2024

ALER and GreenVenture discuss EU funding for renewable energy in Africa

ALER, in partnership with GreenVenture (an ALER Member and leader in the development of renewable energy projects), will be organizing the webinar "Energizing Africa: How EU Financing is Changing the Renewable Landscape?", on 4th June 2024, at 10:00am (Lisbon local time).


This online event aims to shed light on the European Union's new funding mechanisms and programs for renewable energy projects in Africa, highlighting Europe's role as a strategic player in the sector, and promoting investment both at home and in Africa.

Through the Global Gateway initiative, the European Union aims to support more investment in quality infrastructure that respects social and environmental standards in developing countries. Africa is currently the continent with the greatest energy shortage, where more than 640 million people have no access to energy, making increased electricity production and energy efficiency urgently needed.

The webinar will bring together EU development finance institutions and the business community to discuss the role of EU finance in supporting more clean energy projects. The program will address the EU's new strategy to accelerate Africa's energy transition and the risks to be mitigated to attract private investors to the market.

Complete program here.