29 of September 2023

ALER members EDP - Energias de Portugal and CJR Renewables integrate the Global Gateway Advisory Board

ALER member companies join the Global Gateway Advisory Board

On September 18th, the European Commission announced the creation of the Global Gateway Business Advisory Council, with the participation of two ALER member companies, EDP - Energias de Portugal and Cândido José Rodrigues II Renewables.

The new Council brings together 60 members and ten observers, including executive or senior managers from European companies and business associations. This Council will help the European Commission to promote co-operation with the European private sector in the implementation of the Global Gateway strategy and the expansion of the Global Gateway emblematic initiatives.

The Council will also play a key role in the Global Gateway Forum, organised in Brussels by President von der Leyen on October 25th and 26th.

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  • See the full list of members and observers of the Global Gateway Business Advisory Council here.

Global Gateway Angola-EU

After the Brussels edition, the Global Gateway arrives in Angola on November 17th, under the slogan "Business Opportunities for Angola and the EU".


This high-level event will bring together the European Union and the Angolan government, as well as EU member states and companies interested in investing in the country. Ministries responsible for the sectors concerned and business support agencies, such as the Angolan Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (AIPEX), will also take part.


A special role will also be given to financial institutions that can support investors in Angola and Europe. Finally, synergies between the Angolan and European private sectors are at the centre of all the activities of this 2nd Business Forum.

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Global Gateway Mozambique-EU

The first edition of Global Gateway Mozambique-EU will be held on November 22nd and 23rd, under the slogan "Creating business opportunities".


This event will explore ways of attracting quality investment under the Global Gateway initiative, as well as boosting and diversifying trade between Mozambique and the European Union. This event will be an opportunity for public and private sector stakeholders to assess the numerous investment opportunities that Mozambique has to offer.


The implementation of reforms follows the significant potential of Mozambique's natural resources (energy, mining, arable land, wildlife reserves, forestry and fishing) and its access to the territorial sea, which offers important advantages in the fields of transport and logistics. The forum will also focus on the added value of "Made in Mozambique" products and industrialisation.


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