19 of December 2023

ALER organises General Assembly in Luanda and approves Activity Plan for 2024

On Wednesday, February 13th, ALER Members met in a General Assembly (GA) in Luanda, in the first meeting of its kind to take place in Angolan territory. To mark the anniversary, the Ministry of Energy and Water, Honorary Member of ALER, was present and was represented by the Director of Energy and Renewable Energy and Rural Electrification. 

The main point of the GA was the discussion and vote on ALER's Activity Plan and Budget for 2024 (PAO 2024), which was approved unanimously.


For 2024, the year in which the 10th anniversary of ALER's constitution will be celebrated, the Association foresees a year of investment in growth that will allow it to start a new positioning and take ALER to another level. 

One of the main initiatives foreseen in the PAO 2024 is the deepening of the connection with Brazil, in order to embrace the opportunities and challenges of this Portuguese-speaking country, which may have a reference role given its vast portfolio of renewable energy projects, legal and financing mechanisms linked to the sector, along with the organization of COP30, the first Lusophone. 

As a kick-off for this collaboration, the GA approved the adhesion of the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil as a new Honorary Member of ALER, after official receipt of the registration form.

Another dimension of ALER's activities will be to expand the scope of action to cover the climate issue and thus be able to take full advantage of the various climate finance mechanisms for renewable energy projects. 
In 2024, ALER will also definitively assume itself as a regional association, promoting activities to exchange experiences between several Portuguese-speaking countries and other regional institutions. 

In this regard, it is important to reinforce that ALER will continue to collaborate and support the National Renewable Energy Associations of Mozambique (AMER), Angola (ASAER), São Tomé and Príncipe (APERAS and AENER) and Cape Verde (ACER). 

The Board of Directors expressed its enthusiasm for starting the tenth year of ALER's activity, which will be challenging but also very rewarding, and will open doors for an even more dynamic and broader cooperation between Portuguese-speaking countries.