29 of May 2024

ALER signs Joint Declaration on World Energy Day

During an initiative promoted by the Portuguese Energy Association (APE) to celebrate World Energy Day, ALER and 20 other associations signed a Joint Declaration and publicly reaffirmed their commitment to the energy transition. The signing ceremony took place on 29th May at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon.


Starting with eleven recitals on the energy transition process, the 21 Signatory Associations affirmed the importance of the energy transition process being conducted in a participatory and transparent manner and reiterated the need to follow an inclusive path with an integrated and systemic vision.


In addition, the 21 Signatory Associations pledged to encourage practices that promote energy efficiency, the responsible use of resources and boosting the transition; and made themselves available to take part in a mobilizing debate with civil society organizations and government entities, building concrete actions that boost the energy transition in an effective, fair and sustainable way.


Besides ALER, the following are signatories to the declaration: the Advanced Bioenergy Association (ABA); the Business Association of the Electrical, Electrical Appliances, Electronics and ICT Sectors (AGEFE); the Portuguese Association for the Promotion of Hydrogen (AP2H2); the Portuguese Energy Law Association (APDEN); the Association of Energy and Biomass Producers (APEB); the Portuguese Association of Energy Economics (APEEN); the Portuguese Association of Gas Companies (APEG); the Portuguese Association of Oil Companies (APETRO); Portuguese Association of Energy Engineering Industrialists (APIEE); Portuguese Association of Large Electricity Consuming Industrialists (APIGCEE); Portuguese Association of Biofuel Producers (APPB); Portuguese Chemical, Petrochemical and Refining Association (APQuímica); Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN); Portuguese Electric Vehicle Association (APVE); Association for the Technical Qualification of the Energy Sector (AQTSE); Biomass Center for Energy (CBE); Portuguese Association for Energy Efficiency and Promotion of Cogeneration (COGEN Portugal); and the Portuguese Association of Companies in the Electricity Sector (ELECPOR).


It was the first time that all these associations had come together at the same event.