31 of July 2019

AMER website launched!

The Mozambican Association for Renewable Energy, AMER, has reached another step in it’s efforts to promote renewable energy in the country. Since the beginning of AMER’s creation

that ALER is supporting and following up AMER’s growth, until it’s official presentation. So we are very pleased to announced that AMER website was launched (visit here)! The website has been developed and launched in close cooperation with ALER and GET.invest’s predecessor RECP.


It is part of GET.invest’s continued and wider effort to mobilise and empower local and international business associations in the renewable energy sector.


Associations play a key role in transforming emerging renewable energy markets into healthy and vibrant market places. They encourage local actors to engage in decentralised renewable energy, reduce transaction costs and lift barriers to access for all stakeholders.


AMER, in particular, is an important enabler of private sector participation in the electrification of Mozambique. It provides essential services to renewable energy businesses, including the dissemination of information relevant to the renewable energy sector, legal and technical advice to appropriate decision-making bodies, and the organisation of regular economic and scientific events. AMER’s formation reflects the willingness of renewable energy businesses to take on a greater role in the electrification and energy transformation of Mozambique.


Source and imagem © GET.invest