28 of February 2018

APP starts the construction and installation of a 1,32 MWp solar photovoltaic power plant for own consumption

Our most recent member Águas de Ponta Preta (APP) has recently started the construction of the project “1.316 kWp (1.235 kWn) solar photovoltaic power plant”. The solar PV power plant will produce 2,03 GWh/year and will reduce fossil fuel consumption by 10%.


With an estimated investment of 2,03 million euros, this PV power plant will have 3.480 modules with 345 Wp power. Additionally, the project includes 400 modules of 290 Wp that will be installed in an arbour for parking the trucks and the other company cars.


APP has also established an agreement with CERMI (Centre for Renewable Energy and Industrial maintenance) for the participation of 8 students (4 men and 4 women) during assembly and operation phases, being the first joint action which is part of a two year cooperation and collaboration agreement signed between the two entities on January 25th.


This PV power plant will allow the production of electricity through solar energy, an abounding resource in Sal island, planning to achieve 1700 equivalent yearly hours in full load.


With an estimated production of 2.027 MWh/year it is expected to save the consumption of 486 tonnes a year of fossil fuel consumption and avoid the emission of 1.768 tonnes of CO2.

Source and Image © APP