14 of June 2016

ECREEE celebrates international energy day

Building capacities is a very important pillar in the foundations of the ECOWAS Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ECREEE) and such activities are always important to disseminate information and raise awareness. In view of this, ECREEE in collaboration with the Government of Cabo Verde, celebrated the International Energy Day (May 29), the ECOWAS Day (May 28) and the Africa Day (May 25) with awareness activities, raising the flag of renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Under the motto “ECOWAS with energy”, the celebration of  such important ephemerides aimed to provide  a platform of exchange of information on important ECOWAS issues such as energy,  in order to motivate primary and secondary students to continue their education in the energy field. The celebration of the world energy week involved lectures, recreational activities and field visits.


Part of the activities took place at the Centre of Renewable Energy and Industrial Maintenance – CERMI in Praia, Cape Verde, where about 150 students attended lectures and instructive visits during the week. The guest lecturers at the world energy week included Ambassador Severino Almeida, who has vast experience and knowledge in ECOWAS issues. Also present were Mr. Alcides Oliveira and Salett Nogueira, both representing ECREEE, together with representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the General Directorate of Energy of Cabo Verde and Cabeólica.


The activities also included a field visit to a PV mini-grid system in Vale da Custa where the students were able to understand the principles behind the installation of a small PV system. Acording to the students and their teachers, the activities were interesting and educational. The participants were very pleased with the initiative and committed to work in the next editions of the world energy week for a wider inclusiveness.


Watch the video here.