29 of November 2019

ENI and Government of Angola signed contract for a new power plant

Eni and the Government of Angola have signed the Concession Agreement for a 50 MWp photovoltaic plant in the province of Namibe, where Eni supports rural development projects. The plant will be connected to the transmission grid in the south of the country and will be built by Solenova, a joint venture between Eni and Sonangol dedicated to the development of renewable energy projects. This initiative is in line with Angola's strategy in the electricity sector, aimed at promoting renewable energy, reducing diesel consumption, operating costs and associated CO2 emissions. The implementation of the first phase of the 25 MWp project will allow a reduction in diesel consumption estimated at around 13,500 cubic meters per year, reducing electricity production costs and greenhouse gas emissions by around 20,000 tCO2eq / year.

With this new project, Eni confirms its new strategy to invest in other (less polluting) energy sources, mainly solar photovoltaic projects thatwill be carried out in countries where the company exploits oil, such as Angola, Algeria or Ghana.

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Source and Imagem © Eni