9 of March 2023

Financing agreements in Mozambique enable new developments for renewable energy

At the beginning of the month, Belgium presented a new cooperation programme for Mozambique worth 25 million euros. Later on, February 16th, Norway and Sweden signed new agreements with the World Bank to support phase II of the "Energy for All" programme worth 30 million euros.


Belgium grants support for green hydrogen studies, drinking water supply and solar powered irrigation solutions:


The support from Belgium will be granted for the period 2023-2028, according to information provided by the Development Minister Frank Vandenbroucke. According to the Belgian leader, Mozambique is an example of low emission but suffers severely from the effects of climate change.


The initiative includes studies to produce green hydrogen in Mozambique, for which the Belgian Development Agency will use solar panels to off-grid areas.


Solar energy-based drinking water supply and irrigation solutions are also being planned.


Of the 25 million euros announced, part of the amount will be allocated to the loss and damage component to make public infrastructure more resilient to storms and floods.


In addition, Belgium has also announced an additional contribution of one million euros for new drinking water facilities in Mozambique.


Norway and Sweden provide support to the II phase of the "Energy for All" Programme:



The support provided by Norway and Sweden will bring the funding for the "Energy for All" Programme to around 60 million euros. In phase I of the Programme, launched in 2018 and implemented between 2019 and 2022, connections were executed to 1,052,000 households and 983 to public facilities such as schools and health centres.


Of this total, the connection to 360,000 households and 30 public facilities was made with funds from the Cooperation Partners under ProEnergia, making a total of 5.2 million beneficiaries.


The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Carlos Zacarias referred that this financing will give "continuity to the implementation of the ‘Energy for All’ Program in the next three years, guaranteeing that there are no interruptions in the illumination works of the Country, in a time that many Mozambicans are expectant to enjoy the benefits of energy in their lives".


Source © Visão Aberta & Remate da Pérola