28 of May 2021

Girafa Solar wants to bring electricity to rural communities

This is a structure that simultaneously supports photovoltaic panels and a roof to create a community space in rural areas. The solar system powers a technical cabinet, under the canopy, that provides 10 plugs for charging cell phones and a radio. All other systems are installed to support and protect the electrical system and users.


In the future, more plug-in-play solutions can be added, for example, internet hotspot, television, and computer. The project is located in Mangunze.


The Irish embassy, who financed this project, has reiterated its support for local solutions that have an impact on communities. This information was advanced by the Irish ambassador in Mozambique, Nuala O'Brien, during the festivities of St. Patricks Day, known as the Irish National Day, also celebrated by the consulate in Mozambique.


The project promoter (Carlos Morgado Foundation), represented by Ruben Morgado, revealed that this is an initiative that was being developed for quite some time, and that was only possible with funding from the Irish Embassy.


Source © Carlos Morgado Foundation and Letter from Mozambique

Image © Carlos Morgado Foundation