18 of December 2015

GOGLA and ARE Sign a MoU and issue a Joint COP21 Statement

In early December 2015, GOGLA - Global Off-Grid Lighting Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ARE - The Alliance for Rural Electrification. Under this MoU, GOGLA and ARE have agreed to collaborate in the following areas:

  • Mutual support of communications efforts;
  • Alignment on messaging in public communication so as to speak with one voice on promoting distributed and decentralised renewable energy solutions as the quickest, most efficient and overall best solution towards universal energy access and “low-carbon” economic growth in developing countries;
  • Support for the Power for All campaign and other upcoming initiatives;
  • Joint positioning on measuring energy access, and promotion of the tier structure of the SE4All Global Tracking Framework.

In early December, GOGLA and ARE also joined forces to underline the crucial role renewable energies can play to help achieve the objectives of COP21 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In the statement, both parties welcome efforts by the European Commission to facilitate clean rural electrification projects through its new facility, the Electrification Financing Initiative (ElectriFI).

This financial instrument, which was elaborated in consultation with industry and development financiers, is a flexible tool aiming to support investments by providing access to reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity and energy services in developing countries. An initial EUR 75 million funding has already been committed by the European Commission (press release).