28 of September 2022

Government of Cape Verde and Cabeólica sign Memorandum of Understanding

The Government of Cape Verde, through the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy, signed, on the 23rd of September, a Memorandum of Understanding with Cabeólica, an associate company of ALER, for the expansion project of the Cabeólica wind farm and the installation of energy storage infrastructure, budgeted at an estimated value of 33 million euros.


“It is an investment that fits within the country’s energy transition strategy and will also allow us to reach 30% in 2025, which is our renewable energy penetration target established in the electricity sector plan that was approved in 2018,” he said. Minister Alexandre Monteiro during his speech.


This project, as he adds, “will contribute to increasing the volume of renewable energy produced in the country and also contribute to reducing dependence on imported fossil fuels, as well as making the country more resilient to external shocks”.


The project foresees the installation of wind turbines, with a total capacity of 13 megawatts, for the Monte São Filipe wind farm, on the island of Santiago. The installation of two 5 MW/5 MWh energy storage batteries is also planned, one for the island of Santiago and the other for the island of Sal.


“The wind production capacity here in Praia will double and in terms of energy volume the increase will be even more significant, taking into account the investments that will also be made in batteries.”


It is “an important project, where Cabeólica has made an excellent contribution to the implementation of renewable energies in the country.”


Minister Alexandre Monteiro added that there are other projects with independent producers that have already been awarded that will allow the country to exceed 30% of the implementation of Renewable Energies.


The project with Cabeólica will start operating in 2024.


Source: Cape Verde Government