13 of December 2022

Government of Mozambique and FUNAE inaugurate new PV power plants evaluated at 160 Million Meticais

As part of the electrification of areas outside the public grid in the country, the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME) through the Energy Fund (FUNAE), both ALER members, inaugurated on November 25th, in the province of Tete, two photovoltaic power plants built in the administrative posts of Chintholo and Chipera, in the districts of Cahora Bassa and Maravia, respectively.


FUNAE explains in a statement, quoted by the Mozambican Information Agency (AIM), that the two solar power plants were estimated at more than 160 million meticais, financed by the State Budget.


“In a first phase, 200 consumers are already connected to each mini-grid, including the administrative headquarter, schools, health centres, residences and commercial undertakings”, the document states.


It also mentions that in Chintholo, where the grid has a length of 7.5 kilometres, 100 street lighting lamps were also installed, of which 35 are connected to the grid and 65 are solar home systems. In Chipera, FUNAE placed 82 lamps, of which 32 are connected to the grid and to the solar home system.


“The two power plants are a containerized model, which is FUNAE's new approach, within the framework of rural electrification efforts (off-grid). The adoption of this model aims to accelerate the implementation of the commitments assumed by the institution within the framework of universal energy access by 2030”, adds the document.


To get to know more about all the mini-grids implemented by FUNAE, see page 9 of the "Briefing: Renewables in Mozambique 2022".


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