6 of December 2023

Huawei Digital Power Gold Sponsor of 3rd Business Conference - Renewables in Mozambique

Huawei Digital Power is a leading global provider of digital energy products and solutions.


Committed to integrating digital and power electronics technologies, developing clean energy and enabling the digitalisation of energy to drive the energy revolution towards a better, greener future.


In the clean energy generation sector, they help to create new energy systems that rely mainly on renewable energy, in this sense, Huawei's inverter consignment has been No.1 for many years in the market, the new energy storage system brings a stable and efficient user experience to customers. ICT enablement allows on-site O&M visualisation and reduces O&M costs. Providing the Smart PV+Storage solution for all scenarios according to your needs, from residential rooftop to utility scale plant, Huawei Digital Power continues to innovate through open collaboration with global partners to promote carbon neutrality.


For more than 10 years, Huawei FusionSolar has been committed to solving challenges in various scenarios in the photovoltaic industry through continuous innovation. So far, Huawei has developed five smart PV solution scenarios, such as: FusionSolar Smart PV Solution 6.0+, FusionSolar Smart String ESS Solution, Smart Micro-grid Solution, C&I Smart PV Solution 2.0 and Residential Smart PV Solution 3.0.


Among its installations around the world, Huawei supported the construction of Ghana's largest photovoltaic plant, which features an innovative photovoltaic system made up of bifacial panels and string inverters. This solution provided a complete Smart PV & Energy Storage System (ESS) solution for the utility's 1GW-scale plant and 500 MWh ESS project. Using its photovoltaic system, Knysna Elephant Park in South Africa has reduced operating costs, benefiting more than 40 orphaned elephants. In Cameroon, our smart microgrid plants supply electricity to 300,000 residents in 50 villages.