29 of February 2024

'UIPCE is keen to continue collaborating with ALER'

The Integrated Electrification Planning and Coordination Unit (UIPCE) was created by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy in May 2023 to ensure the government's commitment to provide access to "Energy for All" by 2030.


In order to monitor all activity within the scope of the National Electrification Strategy, the UIPCE provides support in planning, coordinating, defining and implementing electrification targets, as well as establishing electrification priorities on and off the grid, according to criteria and least-cost options.


On 26th and 27th February, in partnership with AMER, we held the 1st Bi-Annual Off-Grid Energy Forum in Maputo. The event, which brought together more than 90 participants, made it possible to identify the challenges and opportunities in Mini-Grids, Solar Home Systems and Clean Cooking Solutions and to debate cross-cutting topics such as gender inclusion and tax incentives to promote equitable access to energy, providing a common vision of the energy sector among all the players. We hope this meeting will result in significant progress in the off-grid energy sector, and we invite you to the 2nd Forum, scheduled for August 2024.


This week I also had the opportunity to take part in the launch event for the White Paper and Roadmap on Distributed Generation, organized by GET.Transform with the support of ALER. This is also a very relevant market segment that could boost the country's electrification, while at the same time promoting greater participation by companies and citizens with the introduction of the consumer-producer concept.


It is worth emphasizing the significance and relevance of these events organized by the Associations, which boost collaboration between the public and private sectors. These events enable the sharing and dissemination of information, the identification of challenges and solutions and, above all, the attraction of more projects, promoters and funding for the country's electrification. UIPCE is keen to continue collaborating with ALER and AMER on the various events organized in Mozambique.


We are also counting on ALER to provide an exchange of experiences at the Lusophone level on the development of coordination and planning mechanisms for electrification projects, and we hope to have good results to share with our fellow countries very soon.


Inocêncio Gujamo

Coordinator of the Integrated Planning and Cooperation Unit for Electrification, UIPCE