30 of October 2017

National Approaches to Electrification - Review of Options

Together with its partners Energising Development (EnDev) and Practical Action, the EUEI PDF has set out to collect a systematic overview of national approaches to electrification. The project is important, since despite a long history of electrification globally and a variety of technologies, policy approaches and market development instruments, a comprehensive compilation has so far been missing.

The project’s output is a tool which through a systematic analysis, review and appraisal of existing national electrification approaches and their characteristics provides high-level information on national electrification approaches in a systemised manner.

It summarises:


  • the different policy options and instruments at the national level for accelerating access to electricity;
  • what costs and (macroeconomic) benefits each option implies;
  • how these options can be combined in a manner that optimises economic and social welfare on the national level;
  • what are the strengths and weaknesses of different technologies and delivery modes in facilitating energy access to those still unserved.

The tool aims to enable policy makers and programme designers to assess different options and decide on an optimal design of a national electrification strategy for their country. It serves as a first step on the way to creating a more detailed and in-depth guidance on the design and implementation of national approaches to electrification.

The tool is open access and was launched at the African Association of Rural Electrification Agencies (CLUB-ER) General Assembly in Lusaka in September 2017.

Download the tool here.