17 of March 2015

The beginning of the lusophone adventure


Dear Readers,

I have a great pleasure to welcome you to the first newsletter of ALER.


On the 15 December 2014, we have launched a project that has been growing and taking shape and we wish to share it with you.


ALER was created with the ambitious goal of promoting renewable energies within Portuguese-speaking countries. We want to reach seven priority countries, two supporting countries and several energy resources, in two sections: large and small scale projects. These countries have become more and more relevant within the world’s energy landscape, with a huge potential as regards renewable energies and recognising to be in the right side of the equation: competitiveness and sustainability.


In order to achieve this goal we have developed a realistic activity plan based on four strategic axis.


We are eager for knowledge and therefore we are going to publish reports, a contact directory and a database for publications. We want to build capacity and we have already started to build a relationship with all our stakeholders. We also expect that the Energy Ministries of Portuguese-speaking countries become our Members so we start cooperating with each other. We want to represent and therefore we are participating in international meetings, searching for major partnerships and trying to coordinate future Renewable Energies Associations which we will help to create. And finally, we want to communicate and that is why we are sending you this newsletter, we have built our website, we are regularly sending our Members significant monitored information regarding the sector and we are going to prepare national and international events.


The news of this newsletter show that we are already giving large steps towards our goals. I challenge you to join ALER so that together we contribute to reach the goals that will bring major benefits to economy and to lusophone citizens.


Enjoy your reading,


Pedro Neves Ferreira


President of ALER’s Board