2 of May 2024

'RENMOZ returns to Maputo!'

The long-awaited 4th edition of the Business Conference - Renewables in Mozambique (RENMOZ 2024) will take place on 27th and 28th November 2024.

This is an event organized by ALER and AMER, which brings together important stakeholders from the public and private sectors, bilateral and multilateral cooperation bodies, as well as financiers and investors.

As the epicenter of the main national and international experts in the renewable energy sector in Mozambique, RENMOZ has established itself as a benchmark platform for disseminating the latest developments and investment opportunities in the Mozambican market. At this conference, the year is reviewed: the market situation is analyzed and crucial information for the sector's evolution is announced.

But RENMOZ isn't just a conference; it's also a space for exchange and networking, which aims to boost investment in the Mozambican renewable energy market. That's why, in this 4th edition, we're investing in a larger exhibition area and reinforcing the pitching sessions. We want RENMOZ 2024 to be a platform for all active stakeholders in the market - government, cooperation partners and private sector - to publicize their activities, products and services.

The government, as an institutional partner, will be invited to share developments in the regulatory framework, its strategy and concrete actions (such as launching tenders), so that all players are aware of the investment opportunities.

Cooperation partners will be able to use RENMOZ as a stage to present the latest developments in the support programmes they promote, and to strengthen their institutional ties with both the public and private sectors. This year we have developed a special package for partners, which offers them a greater visibility.

Companies can join RENMOZ to strengthen their image and promote their business, taking advantage of the event's unrivaled visibility. We offer various sponsorship packages, with multiple benefits: whether it's the opportunity to co-organize a session, be a speaker on a panel, name and decorate a specific room; or the possibility of having an exhibition stand, be present at pitching sessions, or be mentioned in different communication materials for the event.

In 2024, sponsorship also extends to RENMOZ's social events: Gala Dinner, Cocktails and Lunches. These are extra-programme occasions that facilitate contact between participants and are excellent promotional opportunities.

Admission to the conference will remain free, but given the huge demand for the event (which last year exceeded 1,000 registrations), participation will be exclusive to guests. Invitations will be given to ALER and AMER Members, sponsors and partners, so join us to secure your place! In addition, we will also be giving invitations to the main universities and civil society organizations to ensure that they also have access and a voice in the sector.

To all those interested in the renewable energy market: join us at RENMOZ 2024, we have an offer tailored to all interests and needs! Let's work together towards a cleaner, fairer and more sustainable future in Mozambique!


Mayra Pereira and Ricardo Pereira

President of ALER and President of AMER