20 of June 2016

Renewable Energy Engineering and Management Master at the Mozambique Technical University

As of 2016 the Mozambique Technical University - UDM will have a master in renewable energy.

The Renewable Energy Engineering and Management Master is designed to provide students with an education that allows, among other things:


  • Contribute to the country’s social and economic progress by providing training in a deprived area of ​​qualified training offer;
  • Contribute to the efficient energy conversion and use, with the consequent expected increase in welfare and wealth;
  • Contribute to environmental preservation;
  • Contribute to renewable energy development in Mozambique.

Masters graduated in this area of ​​expertise will develop technical and scientific skills that will enable them to integrate companies or organizations in the energy sector focused on renewable energy.

More information about UDM here

For more detailed information on these and other activities for the promotion of renewable energy in Mozambique check ALER's national status report.