29 of September 2021

Event - ASAER and the promotion of Renewable Energy in Angola: 'The energy transition is necessary'

"ASAER and the promotion of renewable energy in Angola" was the motto of the event held on the morning of 30 September, organised by ASAER in partnership with ALER and, with the support of the European programme Get.Invest - the European programme supported by the European Union, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Austria - and the British Embassy.


The event, which took place in person in the Auditorium of the Kilamba Building, in Marginal, with online transmission, had more than 200 registered participants, from 20 countries, including members of Ngos, companies in the construction sector, Renewables and Education.


The session, in addition to presenting the new Angolan Association of Renewable Energy (ASAER), has encouraged the promotion of renewable energy in Angola through the intervention of several speakers, from government representatives to companies, financiers and promoters, which play an important role in promoting renewable energy in Angola. 


The session was opened by His Excellency the Secretary of State for Energy and Water, Belsa da Costa, stating that "replacing fossil fuels with energy production through Renewable Energy is a goal for us" and that this session is "the first of many public acts of ASAER, as a promoter of Renewable Energy in the country".


Already the second speaker of the day, British Ambassador Jessica Hand argues that "The time for conversation is over. We need urgent action now and especially in the energy sector" and yet, "we cannot leave anyone behind. We will invest in existing capacities to promote jobs and green technologies. The UK wants to be at the center of the renewable energy revolution in Angola".


Afriano Bastos, Vice-president of BP, said that "Renewable Energy cannot be seen only as a corporate social responsibility, but rather as a commitment to developing countries for a more sustainable future".


Climate change was also a topic addressed in the session: in the speech of Pedro Torres, member of ASAER, we heard that "it is important to promote awareness of climate change" and in the speech of Engineer João Saraiva of MINEA that "important steps are being taken on sustainability".


Alda Manuer of ASAER then argued that "wider access to targeted, targeted and sustainable renewable energy sources, if implemented correctly, can help a country’s development and economy". On the other hand,  Isabel Cancela de Abreu of the Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (ALER) indicated that "there are already projects whose experiences can be replicated and applied in Angolan".


José Mestre, Technical Advisor and Coordinator of the Country Window Mozambique reported on the European program to mobilize investments in renewable energy, GET.Invest, as well as the "Leading, open and flexible assistance program that supports project and business preparation for funding and conveys it to funders," GET.Vest Finance Catalyst.


The session was closed by Victor Fontes, President of ASAER, indicating that there is "good news because an investment-friendly regulatory framework is already being created" but on the other hand, "Renewable energy is not a purely economic option but a matter of conscience".


At the event, it was demonstrated that ASAER is aiming to publicize, raise awareness and mediate intentions of investment and collaboration in renewables, as well as the fact that Angola is a country with potential for Renewables and that, above all, "energy transition must be made".


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