28 of June 2018

Training program on renewable energies for Mozambican Directors concluded with success

The training program on renewable energies and power grid management for Electricity of Mozambique (EDM) extended to the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (MIREME), the Energy Regulatory Authority (ARENE) and the MOzambique Energy Fund (FUNAE) is now concluded. The last phase of this program promoted by REN in partnership with PNO, a South-African company specialised in electric systems, and Miquelina Menezes, ALER’s President, took place between June 4 and 8 and consisted in specialized technical visits in Portugal.


For EDM's administrator, Aly Sicola Impija, “the set objectives were achieved. The course met the trainees' and EDM's expectations and fits one of the main strategic objectives of the company and the country that is the promotion and development of on-grid and off-grid renewable energy projects”. Of all the important issues on the agenda, EDM's Administrator highlights renewable energy projects' operation, dispatch and grid integration as the “most interesting” topics. Overall the program covered several subjects, from energy policies, licensing and contracting to technical, financial and environmental aspects, “allowing the trainees to take with them experiences with concrete examples from different countries in the world, including Africa”.


The specialized technical visits in Portugal were the third phase of this training program, that started with a kick off session from April 2 to 6, followed by theoretical sessions also at EDM, in Maputo from May 14 to 25. In this last phase the site visits in Portugal included the National Dispatch of the national power grid in Sacavém, Sacavém sub-station, the Sertã and Proença-a-Nova wind farms, Almodôvar PV solar power plant, the Inovgrid project in Évora, and Mortágua biomass plant.


This training program follows a tender launched by EDM, to which REN applied for in partnership with PNO and Miquelina Menezes aiming at knowledge sharing in renewable energies.

Source and Image © REN