22 of July 2021

ASAER, a new Association for the promotion of Renewable Energies in the Portuguese speaking countries


After a long process carried out by the founding members, which allowed the creation of ASAER with the publication of its statutes on March 5th, 2020, the General Assembly was held last July 8th, where the first governing bodies were elected for the next 3 years.

ASAER-Associação Angolana de Energias Renováveis (Angolan Renewable Energy Association), has as its mission, to promote renewable energies in Angola.

Despite having the privilege, at this moment, of more than 80% of the electricity produced in the country being of hydroelectric origin, therefore renewable, our electrification rate remains low, around 45%, with a large fringe of the population, particularly rural, without access to electricity, and the use of various solutions with renewable energy, one of the ways to increase it, intending to reach 50% by 2022.

The future, we have no doubt, belongs to Renewable Energies, and Angola, with its favourable conditions, particularly for solar, biomass and hydroelectric solutions, will be able to incorporate in its range of solutions an increasing percentage of projects that make use of non-polluting energy.

ASAER's main objectives are:

- The dissemination of the benefits of using renewable energies, through all communication platforms;


- Establishing partnerships with similar national and foreign organisations, commercial banks, national regulatory bodies, in order to promote initiatives aimed at using renewable energy solutions in Angola;


- Promote training programmes to create an increasing number of technicians and renewable energy specialists in the Angolan market, involving higher education institutions, training centres, and all those who can carry out actions to this end


- Establish itself as an interlocutor with the Government to foster policies that may attract investment to the renewable energy sector, as well as create conditions so that the equipment necessary for the implementation of the systems may have more favourable fiscal conditions


- Act as a facilitator with possible foreign investors, helping them to orient themselves in the Angolan market, so that they can more quickly obtain clarifications, and establish contacts with the adequate institutions;


- To become a platform for dialogue and a bridge between the various entities that intervene in the carbon credits market.


A word of thanks to ALER, which from the first moment encouraged us and gave us all its support, providing us all its experience in the creation of our Association, aware that it will be a partner of enormous value and that it will add value to us.

We therefore invite all those who identify with our cause to join us, as together we will certainly be able to achieve our objectives more easily.

Victor Fontes, President of the Board of Angolan Renewable Energy Association