13 of December 2023

Good Practices Seminar as part of the 'Interchange to analyse the potential of a Home Solar Systems Programme in Angola'

A Good Practices Seminar was held on December 13th in Luanda as part of the "Action Implementation Agreement" signed between the Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA), the Lusophone Renewable Energy Association (ALER) and the EU-Angola Dialogue Facility. The joint action between MINEA and ALER - Interchange for Analysis of the Potential of a Home Solar Systems Programme in Angola - aims to promote the exchange of experiences with Mozambique on this issue.


The aim of this action was to carry out a diagnosis of the challenges and barriers to off-grid electrification in the Angolan context, establishing a set of recommendations to strengthen cooperation between Angola and the European Union in the area of expanding Access to Electricity. The implementation of a Solar Home Systems Programme, aimed at rural and peri-urban areas outside the current energy distribution network, which will seek to strengthen the value chain and distribution of off-grid energy markets.


The seminar, held at the Hotel Alvalade in Luanda, brought together members of the Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA), the Angolan Regulatory Institute for Electricity Services and Water Supply and Wastewater Sanitation, the Foundation for Community Development, which manages FASER: Fund for Sustainable Access to Renewable Energies in Mozambique, the Energy Regulatory Authority in Mozambique, the Mozambican Energy Association and the Mozambican Renewable Energy Association.


Video from the seminar is now available. See here!

Press Release

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Seminar photos

Photos from the seminar are now available. See here!


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